For Content Creators

For Content Creators

  • Distribution of Copyright Protected Works as per T&Cs
  • Automated Royalty Collection
  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Content Creator?
We are looking for you.

We aim to create the most compelling metaverse for creators with one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace where data requestors directly source their content from creators to fuel their campaigns. Creators in-turn get instant royalty payouts each time their content NFTs are used by any data requestors.

NFTs that pay forever!

Create Question NFTs (QNFTs) and earn royalties each time your QNFTs are used for any campaign. EQ8 Network allows content creators to build their own collection of QNFTs and offer these QNFTs for day-to-day campaigns happening on the EQ8 app in exchange for royalty rewards. EQ8 Network offers the following benefits to creators:

Life long earning opportunities:  As long as the QNFTs exist within the EQ8 Network ecosystem, creators get paid every time their content is used.

Automated Royalty Collection: All royalty payouts are automated through EQ8 Network’s smart contract. Creators receive instant payments as soon as their content is used.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection: Once you successfully create your unique QNFTs, you get the ownership and IP rights over your content, making it truly YOURS!

Start Earning Today! 

Creators can start earning within minutes by following these three easy steps:

  • Verify your identity
  • Create your QNFTs
  • Receive automated royalties.